Sunrise Avenue mussten das Datum für ihre «Thank You For Everything» Abschiedstour ein weiteres Mal verschieben.

Neues Datum:

Sunrise Avenue - Thank You For Everything Tour

02.04.2021 → 23.11.2021 → NEU Mo, 23.05.2022

09.04.2021 → 24.11.2021 → NEU Di, 24.05.2022

Ort: Hallenstadion, Zürich
Wann: 20.00 Uhr

Die neuen Termine für die 17 Shows umfassende Europatour wurden auf der Bandwebsite veröffentlicht.

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It’s impossible now to even imagine nearly 300,000 people celebrating together. The production rehearsals alone would require the presence of dozens of people in four different countries. We wouldn’t even want to go out on our final tour wearing face masks and fearing for the health and safety of our fans. There are more important things in life right now than the culmination of Sunrise Avenue’s story, the time for which will fortunately come later. And then we will enjoy it together with our wonderful fans as if it were the last day without any extra worries.

Samu Haber, Leadsänger, Gitarrist und Gründer von Sunrise Avenue.
Sunrise Avenue - Thank You For Everything